Jazzy (aka Jupiter)

Domestic Shorthair

2 years, Female, Small

Jazzy is a petite, one-year old cat who is very social - with a unique BIG personality!  Jazzy was just a kitten when she was found outside, freezing,  pregnant and desperate for help. She was terrified upon rescue, after going through the trauma of being abandoned. We immediately had Jazzy vetted and found out that she was in the early stages of pregnancy during her spay. 

Through her time in foster, Jazzy has settled and is finally feeling safe.  Jazzy is seeking a very special home – someone who understands her and is looking for a true companion.  She follows her people around and is super friendly, affectionate and attention seeking.  She has some fear from the trauma of being abandoned outside and can react, at times to other animals or sudden movements.  Jazzy needs a cat savvy owner who has lots of love to give her, but will understand when Jazzy is frightened.  She would do best in a home without small children.  Jazzy has gotten used to the cats in her foster home and could co-exist with a laid back kitty or dog, but may prefer being the solo queen of her castle! What this beautiful, tiny, sweet gal truly needs is someone who will make her feel safe and always be there for her! 

Visit apathwaytohope.org to adopt Jazzy - or email us at info@apathwaytohope.org with any questions!

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