Domestic Shorthair

2 years, Male, Medium

What would you do? We were caught in a difficult situation…finding freezing, dying kittens outdoors at a time when our resources were stretched to their limits. But, we couldn’t turn away. 

Frost, Aspen, Valentine and Alpine were all found outside, sick with the deadly paneleukopenia virus. Hours were spent in the freezing temperatures, trapping all four kittens, who were immediately hospitalized. Despite all efforts, Frost passed away, but Aspen, Valentine and Alpine overcame the virus. After three extensive hospitalizations, all 3 of the kittens went into foster.  

Alpine and Valentine have found forever homes! Now it’s time to share to help Aspen find that special someone. Aspen is a 7-month old kitten who has been transformed with the power of rescue! Overcoming a deadly virus, then coming SO incredibly far in foster – entering Pathway’s foster as a hissing, spitting, scared baby who many would have given up on. With patience, determination and a positive outlook, Aspen has become a house kitty, complete with a little spunk!

Aspen has proved that if you believe you can – you will! We believed he could overcome his fear of the world, and with a whole lot of TLC, he began to believe it as well. He’s making friends with his foster siblings, and is an absolutely adorable stinker who loves to hide under the catch and play attack your feet!

Would you like to adopt a tiny miracle with just the right amount of play and spice? Please apply today at to adopt Aspen. With thanks to your support of our commitment to those most in need, we were able to overcome all odds for Aspen, Alpine and Valentine, in honor of their angel Frost. 

Please visit to apply to adopt Aspen, or email to find out more!

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