Bernese Mountain Dog

4 years, Male, Large


Ash is a 3 year old Bernese/Rough Collie mix. 

Can you say HANDSOME! 😍 

He is just as sweet as can be. 

Ash has all of the hallmark wonderful qualities of both breeds.

He is easy going, loyal, and wants to please, but with these two breeds comes a strong desire to work and protect. 

Ash has been down on his luck with finding the perfect home, which has lead to inconsistent training. 

Herding and Working dogs need to learn control and when it is time to work. 

Ash has been moved around so much he hasn't gotten that training - so he gets over excited at the Pesky Garbage Truck! and other things out of his control.

With consistency, patience, and obedience training he will make such a loyal and fun companion.  

Until Ash has bonded with his owner is reliably trained, he should not be without a fully fenced in yard.

 Ash also should not be left unattended with farm animals as he has previously displayed a strong prey drive.

At this time Ash should not be with young kids. Ash loves kids, but doesn't understand he doesnt need to work them and is likely to knock them over or herd them.

Ash does well with dogs, but needs a slow introduction. He does not need to be adopted with a canine companion, but a female is preferred. What can we say - this handsome gentleman is a ladies man. 

Ash is potty trained. He has peed in previous homes, but has not displayed that behavior in his current foster home. 

Ash is neutered and is ready for his Forever Home. HOM will consider keeping him on as a foster to adopt to help facilitate some of the training he needs.

We cannot stress enough how nice of a guy Ash is, but is not a a 'roommate' type of dog. He needs a home that will work with him daily - walks, enrichment, training. He's an active boy with a busy mind. These types of dogs are more work, but can reward you in spades.

Located in Greenfield, WI

Meet and Greet at a neutral location is preferred.

To summarize:

✅ Family willing to train him

✅ Lots of stimulation 

✅ Patience and understanding

➕ Someone willing to do training like rally, agility, etc. Ash could likely excel at something like this with some work. 

⛔ Small kids

⛔ Chickens/farm animals unattended 

⛔ No dog parks. Many dogs do poorly with these, Ash is one. 

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