Bernese Mountain Dog

5 years, Female, Extra Large

This is the story of Fedora and Baela. Bernedoodle girls used for breeding and then discarded when their bodies could no longer produce their quota. These sweet girls are a bonded pair and we would really like to find a home that has room for both. It seems that the only life they have known was a shared stall in a barn and having babies. They have been completely unfamiliar with typical home/house noises. Fedora still barks at the toilet flushing. Funny side note, they shared the barn with a horse and they will react to horse sounds on the tv.

First a little about how they are the same. Both girls are quite timid and uncertain. They are easily startled and run for their crates which is what I call their safety safe spot. They have not shown any negative behaviours when reaching in to pet them, feed them, grab their bowls, or anything. Most of the time the crate doors are left open but the girls still nap inside. Fedora has started to spend more time napping in the middle of the living room or on a dog bed. Being that they have never lived in a home, house training is a work in progress. They know that going outside means to go potty, but they are not 100% reliable. Frequent trips outside and encouragement have kept accidents to a minimum. No accidents inside the crates either!  

They are good with children, men and women, but have not been tested with cats. 

Fedora is a big chunk of fluff with a lot of love to give if given the time and space to do so. It took her a couple of weeks to completely trust, let down her guard, and lean in to the love and affection of a home and family. She is food motivated with a very gentle mouth. She took treats from the first day, hesitantly, but she would take it. When she comes out of her shell she is an absolute joy to watch. Let her run out in a fenced-in yard and you can see a prancing puppy showing her true colors as she runs around with glee. She is very goofy and wears a big smile once she gets comfortable. She is also quite boisterous when it comes to announcing someone entering your home.

The outside world is a very scary place for Fedora and when she is overwhelmed and cannot escape (like when on a leash) she freezes in place. It is nearly impossible to get her to walk with a leash and collar. However, with a harness that she cannot slip out of and that has a handle on the back, you can get her to take slow and steady steps. 

I have yet to see her countersurf, but she is a very sly thief and will grab things left on the floor to bring back to her crate; the forgotten sock, food wrapper, a shoe, etc. She does not try to eat them, she just likes to collect. She is quick to either drop the item or give it up when you go to take it from her, all with no issues.

Fedora can be vocal about her stuff and her space with dogs other than Baela. She wants them to know that those things are hers. She is not ugly about it, but can be assertive. This is something that should be monitored to make sure that it does not progress into something more. 

Now a bit about Baela. While she was faster to trust and come out of her shell, she is actually more reserved than her sister. Baela is really a one person girl. With her chosen human she is wiggly and playful and would sit in your lap if you let her. Other family members are extra and she is friendly but aloof.   

Baela loves her floppy squeaky toys, carries them around and likes to take them outside with her. Walking on a loose leash is no problem for her. She is a little skittish when first leaving the house or car, but once you start walking she is right by your side.

All in all both girls have the makings to be wonderful pets, they are already great dogs. With a little confidence, a lot of love and patience, and consistency these two will make excellent additions to the right home.

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