Bernese Mountain Dog

3 years, Male, Extra Large


Baxter is a 3 year old male BMD.

We'll get the tough part out of the way - Baxter needs to be an only dog home at this time, and needs a home without children. This is because of resource guarding behavior, which has led to bites.

We will give in-depth information to any applicants under consideration, but the short version is that Baxter counter-surfs and then has bitten when people try to take food back from him.

Baxter was let down in his previous life and was subject to negative and painful training methods that may be contributing to his reactions.

Are you still reading? Great!

Everything else about this boy is absoloutely wonderful. Everyone who has met him falls in love with him. He is a sweet, loving boy - a total darling Berner otherwise.

Baxter has been evaluated and done training with an excellent positive reinforcement based program in SE Michigan. He is currently boarded there pending having a home to go to.

His trainer had this to say about him - "Baxter has an optimistic personality. Wants to bond with people and is sweet. When he goes for walks, he explores and runs around sniffing and engaging with the environment. Does not pull on leash."

Heart of Michigan would continue to provide resources for Baxter until he is ready to formally be adopted out. His adopter should be ready to work on muzzle training him, so that he can readily wear one if needed should the situation warrant it.

Baxter is good with cats, and with a patient owner who learns his triggers, could likely eventually live with other dogs.

Baxter will need a patient home willing to let him decompress and mutually figure things out. This boy has been bounced around a lot and is desparate need of someone willing to give him a real chance. He truly wants to be a good boy and love someone like only a Berner can.

If you think you could be Baxters forever home, please fill out an application here:

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