Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

7 months, Male, Large

Plato is an incredibly sweet, smart, and playful approximately six-month old Bernese Mountain Dog mix. He loves to play inside or outside, snuggle on the couch, and gobble up treats whenever they are deserved (he knows to walk to the goodies jar when coming in from outside) :-) . Plato is also learning basic commands, to walk on a leash, and to enjoy car rides more and more. Initially, he was uncomfortable and nervous in the car but now, he willingly climbs in and can't wait to get out once he arrives at his destination. He is even excited about going to the vet! While he adores his foster siblings and cannot seem to get enough play time with them, he is a bit fearful of dogs that are unfamiliar to him. So, it is essential that he attend a puppy class with his new family to help with socializing. In addition, Plato is accustomed to the company of other dogs with whom he is familiar and seems to prefer that to being alone. So, he would do well with other sweet pups after appropriate introductions are made. 

All in all, he is a wonderful puppy who will make a loving addition to a very lucky family!"   

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