Rita fka May

Bernese Mountain Dog

4 years, Female, Extra Large

Rita is a 77 pound 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. She is the most sweet and loving girl but is still very nervous and cautious of quick movement, loud noises or toys. Her forever home will need parents who have a lot of patience and time for her to come out of her shell. Once comfortable she will snuggle or sneak a kiss to say thank you for the food or rubs. Her absolute favorite spot is sprawled out on the couch! She likes to take walks and does well with a harness or just a leash. If Rita is frightened, she will try to run and hide in a safe place. She will flourish in a home that can provide a consistent schedule for feeding and walks and one that will not have loud people or noises. She does fine meeting and being around new dogs however has not been around cats or other animals. She doesn’t mind car rides as she will lay down and try to enjoy them but she is very excited when she gets back to the yard! She was accepting of small children, however would do best in a home without live-in small children as this does stress her out. Although she is the sweetest girl, she is a flight risk and will need a home with an enclosed fence. Entrance into the enclosed yard with minimal steps is preferred. 


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