12 years, Female, Small

Maggie came to us in the spring of 2019. Maggie is a 12 year (approx, no knowledge of her birthdate) Poodle/Maltese mix. who was surrendered by her owner when they went into palliative care. She came to us diagnosed with diabetes.

She came in pretty bad shape, double eye infections, gum infections, high levels of plaque on her teeth, incontinence, and her glucose levels were through the roof! She needed antibiotics, dental work, lost 4 teeth, and a legnthy stay at the vets on fluids and strict monitoring for her diabetes.

She has recovered well and has been so happy in her foster home! She is on regular, controlled meals; enjoys veggie snacks like cucumbers to help keep her diabetes stable. She loves her walks, seeing her neighborhood canine friends, and she loves when people come to visit! She has learned to be a good girl with her insulin, and comes to receive it most days. She does tend to get snippy if it takes too long when she gets her blood checked (small prick to the ear to draw blood for testing).

She is older, and does not appreciate young children energy, it makes her anxious. She also does not appreciate larger crowds or gatherings, and strangers who do not appreciate her need for space. 

She grew up and has spent her entire life in a senior's apartment home, and now in her adult foster home so she will thrive best in a similar forever home. As she did grow up in an apartment, she does not signal the same to be let outside, she has her own little signals her new family will have to learn. However, she is a huge fan of the sun and loves to spend the afternoon sunbathing in the backyard at her foster home!

As she does require monthly food and diabetic medications; she is looking for a home that is financial prepared for the responsibility of a senior dog. 

If you'd like to take Maggie home with you, or want to become a sponsor parent to help MHS cover her medical costs; please visit:

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