Domestic Longhair

10 years, Female, Medium

Lovette a.k.a. Lovie

A grouchy-faced, sweet kitty with a wicked evil eye. Loves hunting for her treats and looking out the window. The dominant one of the pair, but in a subtle way. Lets Jerry hide behind her when he is scared. 

Unknown information about their past life experiences, Lovette and Jeremiah are estiamted to be about 9 years old.  They are shy and it isn't easy to earn their trust. Nonaggressive and give enough signals if uncomfortable with your attention. Will need someone who is very calm and patient and is not looking for ' lap cats'. It is worth it to be 'tolerated ' by these two sweet souls.

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Unfixed Kittens (8 weeks to 5 months) - $398

Includes: Check-up, deworming, 3 sets of FVRCP vaccines at appropriate ages and Rabies vaccination, neuter/spay and microchip when kitten is 5-6 months old

Kittens (5 months to One year): $298

Includes: Check-up, deworming, vaccination (Rabies & FVRCP), neuter/spay, microchip, and SNAP test FIV/FeLV if age appropriate

Adults (over 1 year): $198

Includes: Check-up, vaccination (Rabies & FVRCP), deworming, neuter/spay, microchip, and SNAP test for FIV/.FeLV

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