Torvi Valhalla

Domestic Shorthair

a year, Female, Medium

Bonded Pair – Lagitha & Torvi

These two lovely ladies did not have an easy go of it at first. Mom, Lagitha, about 20 months old is a medium/long hair black beauty with a mane tinged in dark brown. We believe she was a pet at some point. Baby, Torvi, now about a year old is a black short haired little scamp; born in the outdoors so on the shy side, she did not trust humans at all in the beginning. She would seek out hiding spots and spend all day hidden, only coming out at night

While Mom might not immediately come to you, she will shortly be rubbing up against your legs asking for back rubs and body length strokes. Torvi will take some time before she becomes used to a new environment so don’t pay any mind to the occasional hiss or swat if you get too close. Just give her some space and she will come around. Neither care to be picked up and surprisingly - Mom talks but very quietly and Torvi has yet to make any sound.

Both are very active when they play, racing around chasing each other and toys. They act more like siblings than Mom and kitten. Their favorites are wand toys and small balls, hollow and easy to bat around and pick up. If you throw the ball for Mom, she will chase it, bat it around a little, then pick it up and bring it back to you to play “fetch”.

They eat well; both wet and dry food, have never had a ‘bathroom’ accident while in foster care and love their treats. Lagitha actually prefers to have her treats thrown. She pretends to ‘catch’ them before she eats them. Mom and baby enjoy sleeping in the sun in the mornings, sometimes right next to each other, sometimes separate but never far apart; they have gotten used to a schedule of a ‘special treat’ around lunch time and then back to their favorite spots for an afternoon nap. There is construction going on close to their foster’s home and they are quite interested in the comings and goings they can see from the window and if an errant fly or bug makes it inside the screen, they go mad.

These two darlings have not been separated since Torvi was born so they really must stay together. They have had no experience with other pets or children, so a quiet household would be best. They have both been spayed and are up to date on all their vaccinations.

Fill out an application to adopt on the Mississauga Humane Society website and take the next step, fill up your house with these two beautiful souls, you will never regret it. 

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